Classics for Kids

The Howland Chamber Music Circle and the Howland Cultural Center
co-present performances for children throughout the season.
These include our popular Instrument Petting Zoo and performances by leading artists.

All concerts take place at the Howland Cultural Center unless otherwise noted.
Times vary and are listed with each event.


WindSync performs "Interstellar Cinderella"

Sunday, April 30, 2023
1:00—2:00 PM

WindSync performs “Interstellar cinderella”

$15/adults, children FREE


Adapted from the children’s book by Deborah Underwood, Interstellar Cinderella is a “fractured fairy tale” set in a sci-fi world where Cinderella dreams of a future in rocket ship repair, set to music and theater by WindSync. The WindSync cast serve triple duty as narrators, musicians, and characters in this fully staged piece complete with costumes and choreography. The music, excerpted from repertoire by Uruguayan-American composer Miguel del Aguila, creates a soundtrack steeped in Latin jazz and musics of South America and the Caribbean. Students will connect musical moods to scenes from the story, including the excitement of a ball, the panic of a ship malfunction, and the epic rush of space travel.

The book is available to order in English or Spanish through Scholastic.

WindSync offers Interstellar Cinderella as a portion of their children’s program, during which the audience learn about the five wind instruments, connect music to imagination, and participate in music-making.

This family event is presented by the Howland Chamber Music Circle, and the Howland Cultural Center.


Frederic Chiu

Sunday, January 15, 2023
1:00—2:00 PM

“Heart and Soul: Debussy vs. Prokofiev,” with pianist Frederic Chiu

$15/adults, children FREE


Frederic Chiu will present his Classical Smackdown, “Heart and Soul: Debussy vs. Prokofiev”

Frederic Chiu’s Classical Smackdown program is a series of interactive classical piano programs that encourages discussion and participation of the audience. Each program presents the works of two composers in multiple “Rounds” where musical selections and stage commentary highlight a particular contrast or comparison between the two.

Audience members are given a detached ballot in the program, which they fill out and deposit upon exiting the concert. Each Round ends with audience members voting for their favorite composer in that Round. In addition, at the end of the concert, each audience member also votes for their favorite composer across the entire program. Through the simple act of voting, audiences listen and engage in a more personal way that creates a new live concert experience. The ballot is secret, but hearty discussions often keep audiences in their seats well after the end of the applause!

The results of the voting are announced within 24 hours following the event. Complete results for all Classical Smackdown concerts, including breakdowns by various demographics and audience comments, are made available on the website

This family event is presented by the Howland Chamber Music Circle, and the Howland Cultural Center.