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Frederic Chiu, PIANO


Sunday, January 15, 2023 at 4pm

New York Newsday writes “Every detail—thought through, internalized and spun into golden sound—matters.”

Frederic Chiu, appearing in our series for a third time, performs in major venues across five continents. He collaborates with classical music friends Joshua Bell, Pierre Amoyal, Gary Hoffman, and the St. Lawrence String Quartet, as well as non-Classical friends like jazz pianist Bob James, writer/storyteller David Gonzalez, Shakespearean actor Brian Bedford, and the clown Buffo, trying to bring the vivid live concert experience to as many people as possible.

For us, Frederic Chiu will perform works of teenage Chopin and Mendelssohn.


Artist Website: https://www.fredericchiu.com/


The program will be provided closer to the concert date. 

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