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Inon Barnatan piano

March 4, 2018

Celebrated for his poetic sensibility, probing intellect, and consummate artistry, Israeli pianist Inon Barnatan currently serves as the first Artist-in-Association of the New York Philharmonic. This unprecedented three-season appointment sees him appear as soloist in subscription concerts, take part in regular chamber performances, and act as ambassador for the orchestra. Returning to our series he will perform Musical Moments by Schubert, Dorman and Rachmaninoff.

Artist Website: Inon Barnatan


Musical Moments

Moments Musicaux D. 780 Franz Schubert
    Moderato in C Major 1797-1828)
    Andantino in A-flat Major  
    Allegro moderato in F minor  
    Moderato in C-sharp minor  
    Allegro vivace in F minor  
    Allegretto in A-flat Major  
Moments Musicaux Avner Dorman
    Adagio (b. 1975)
Moments Musicaux Op. 16 Sergi Rachmaninoff
    Andantino in B-flat minor (1873-1943)
    Allegretto in E-flat minor  
    Andante cantabile in B minor  
    Presto in E minor  
    Adagio sostenuto in D-flat Major  
    Maestoso in C Major  

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