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Our Music Director can be reached at MusicDirector@howlandmusic.org.

or write to us at

Howland Chamber Music Circle
P.O. Box 224
Chelsea, NY 12512
Phone: 845-765-3012

Music Director: Michael Lebovitch
Concert Manager: Carl Gutowski
Assistant Concert Manager: Ilse Ivanoff
Recording Engineer: Dr. William Bakker


Officers for the 2017-2018 Season

President, Margery Groten
Vice President, Bob Schnetzler
Treasurer, Al Lemke
Secretary, Ian Murdoch

Board of Directors

Douglas Banker
Margery Groten
Carl Gutowski
Al Lemke
Jim Lichtenberg
Ian Murdoch
Akiko Sasaki
Bob Schnetzler
Dr. Lester Silver

Music Director Emerita, and Founder: Gwen Stevens
Concert Manager Emeritus, and Founder: Bill Stevens